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The McGill IBD Research Group has a committee made up of dedicated volunteers

The McGill IBD Research Group is lucky to have a committee made up of volunteers who dedicate much time and effort in organizing educational events for IBD patients and their families, as well as a large annual fundraiser.

The Committee is made up of the following:

Chief Medical Advisor: Dr. Peter Lakatos
Co-Presidents: Ryan Abrams and Matthew Stotland
Events & Donor Relations: Emily Shore

Committee Members:
Vanessa Abissidan
Lisa Blatt
Mike Cohen
Korman-Abrams Family
Jonathan Maldoff
Lois Mayers
Lorne Mayers
Sarah Shapiro

Medical Steering Committee:
Dr. Waqqas Afif
Dr. Talat Bessissow
Dr. Albert Cohen
Dr. Alain Bitton
Dr. Polymnia Galiatsatos
Dr. Terry Sigman


To learn more about our past educational events our our annual “Laugh Your Butt Off” fundraiser, please visit our Events page.



Your donations help deliver specialized and quality care to people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in Quebec.

Your generosity benefits the IBD clinics at the Montreal General Hospital, the Montreal Children's Hospital and the Jewish General Hospital.