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The McGill IBD Research Group is actively involved in many types of research projects.

The clinical research team at the McGill IBD Centre of Excellence, as well as at McGill affiliated hospitals like the Jewish General Hospital, work to ensure that patients have access to the latest clinical trials which include new drugs and innovative diagnostic tools.  The clinical research team, supported by the McGill IBD Research Group, is an integral part of ensuring the highest level of care for our patients

Through Dr Ernest Seidman, who holds the Bruce Kaufman Endowed Chair in IBD at McGill,
 his IBD laboratory, Digestive Lab, there is an active laboratory that focuses on both basic and clinical science research projects. In particular his lab is studying mechanisms of IBD in order
to learn more about what causes IBD, the genetics of IBD, the microbiome and how it relates to IBD, and new innovations on how to improve the treatment of IBD and bring novel diagnostic tools to help clinicians diagnose IBD.

If you would like to learn more about our research projects or are interested in participating please contact us.

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